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Cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta and Teeth Whitening in Atlanta

Cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta and Teeth Whitening in Atlanta

Cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta and Teeth Whitening in Atlanta Cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta and Teeth Whitening in Atlanta Cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta and Teeth Whitening in Atlanta

We are Atlanta's Elite Teeth Whitening Providers!


About Us


Experience In A Posh Dental Spa Setting

At The Whitening Bar we pride ourselves on being the elite dental providers in affordable and safe cosmetic teeth whitening procedures.  Our dental staff has over 19 combined years of dental experience in areas such as: dental hygiene, orthodontics, general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, clinical/treatment/financial coordinating and dental office management. We strive to maintain our high standards in a state of the art facility and best infection control practices in part by utilizing disposable dental grade products and single use products for procedures. Our personalized care approach is an additional touch to help soothe our patients in the best possible experience.  Our team has attended several continuing education seminars for dental professionals and has created thousands of beautiful smiles on a daily basis. 


Our Dental Spa

TWB's ambiance is a step above your traditional Cosmetic dentistry in Lawrenceville /Suwanee offices because its accented with eclectic wallpaper ,vibrant wall paint, and modern furnishings, to assist you in a relaxing dental spa atmosphere. Teeth Whitening in Atlanta doesn't compare to our complimentary refreshments spa bar is stocked with bottled water, a variety of juices, pub mix, trail mix, and cookies.  Cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta is what we are best at when it comes to providing an affordable safe teeth whitening service that's not to harsh on your pockets. To help ease your anxiety and transition into our practice we offer soothing spa music, a movie on our 42" flat screen to escape into peaceful atmosphere during your teeth whitening procedure. The Whitening Bar has everything you'll need for total comfort. Moreover, we not only want to boost your self-esteem with a brighter, whiter smile but make sure you're comfortable during the entire process. Our staff checks on each patient periodically to monitor the visit. Our teeth whitening gels are dental professional grade  Hydrogen Peroxide made in USA and the best safest permissible dosage allowed by all FDA and GDA guidelines. Depending on which Teeth Whitening procedure you choose will depend on the percentage of HP utilized for the dental whitening service selected. Hydrogen Peroxide (HP)is an active agent in most bleaching systems and has a short working time which gives a more rapid natural teeth whitening result rather than selecting a (CP) Carbamide Peroxide product which is more water soluble product with a slower release time and requires multiple visits and not as an effective end result.  Our after care is also beneficial we provide a flouride rinse alongside a gingivial protection barrier for sensitivity on the gums and teeth. Afterwards you can enjoy your day or evening just remember to avoid consuming citrus, hot cold dark foods or dark drinks for the next 24 hrs. These include but are not limited to: coffee,tea, dark colored soft drinks, red wines, curry, dark fruits and vegetables and their juices such as beets, concord grapes, and cranberries. If your teeth are temporary sensitive you can use sensitive toothpaste such as Sensodyne or Colgate Sensitive, Fluoride rinse preferably Phosphur. If your gums become sensitive use Vaseoline or Vitamin E and avoid flossing 2-3 days before the teeth whitening procedure. Results vary based on initial tooth stain level and color. Most people will see a 2-8 shade improvement. Rarely will people experience a tingling or bubbling sensation; if this occurs notify the clinician immediately during the monitoring checks via text or by pointing to the irritated area if this happens.  Possible temporary white spots called demineralization, occurs in very porous teeth or if the patient has had POH issues in the past, but will disappear within 24 hrs. Temporary sensitivity in the teeth or gums is a possible side effect but usually goes away within a few hours or few days on its own. This process will not whiten your teeth more than your genetic traits. Healthy teeth and gums are required for this procedure.  Patients of all ages have concerns about their teeth's appearance. Tooth bleaching may improve a patient's overall teeth appearance, self-esteem, self-confidence in life. Tooth bleaching vs Whitening is often confused and consumers should research which is most suitable for their case specific situation. 


What Sets Us Apart

 We strive to make your teeth whitening experience as memorable and rewarding as possible by providing advanced teeth whitening treatments with extraordinary quality care in a posh dental spa environment. Our practice has earned the reputation to sit in a league of its own amongst the best in the field of dentistry. TWB believes in building positive affilations with our patients. We want to make your smile more attainable with an more affordable cost effective approach. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in making this process flexible for all budgets and explain the treatment process from beginning to end to ensure the patient's desired results. We have flexible hours that work around all schedules. Appointment reminders are sent via email and text to accommodate you. Amazing smile makeovers are performed daily in our practice so don't delay schedule today.


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TWB Policy

24hr cancellation policy and tardy policy enforced. Violation of the 24 hr cancellation policy results in $30 broken appointment fee will be applied and accessed to all No Shows, last minute cancellations or late appointments. If weekend service or same day booking is scheduled payment is required in full  and if the client no shows or cancels after the 24 hr policy payment is forfeited 100% of service will be charged. Appointments required & card must be on file to secure appointment!

The Whitening Bar

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  1. Can I brush before my visit? Absolutely, we encourage brushing, just avoid flossing 2-3 days prior.
  2. Why should I avoid flossing 2-3 days prior? We suggest this to minimize increased gingival irritation.
  3. Is everyone an candidate for teeth whitening services? No, only patients with healthy teeth and gums are eligible for this procedure.
  4. Is there any sensitivity involved? Rarely do people experience a tingling or bubbling sensation, which will end when the product is rinsed off . Teeth or gums may be sensitive for a short while after the process, but usually subsides in a few hours or days.
  5. This process will not whiten your teeth more than your genetic traits.
  6. You may see temporary white spots on the gums or teeth which usually goes away in a hour  to a few days and is a normal side effect.
  7.  Possible white spots, called demineralization, occurs in very porous teeth or patients with previous POH issues. 
  8. If pregnant, please consult your OBGYN or primary care physician before scheduling.    
  9. Please allow 30 days for the gingival tissues to heal of any oral surgery or tooth extractions before whitening your teeth.
  10. Please avoid consuming citrus,hot,cold and dark drinks or food for the next 24 hrs. Including but not limited to: coffee, tea, dark colored soft drinks, red wines, curry, pizza, spaghetti, spinach, and dark fruits and vegetables and their juices such as beets, concord grapes, and cranberries. 
  11. What can I use if my gums experience sensitivity?  Gently rub or apply Vitamin E or Vaseline to the gums to ease discomfort.
  12. What can I use if I experience sensitivity in my teeth? We recommend using Sensodyne, Colgate Sensitive toothpaste, or a fluoride rinse preferably Phosphur if this occurs or if you already have an increased caffeinated, high sugar or acidic intake in your diet to use this prior to whitening your teeth. 
  13. What is the difference from this and Zoom? They both are Cl II FDA regulated machines and Zoom is just a Brand name  to accelerate the process but still differs from  dental provider to dental  provider depending on Provider selection preference of gels for procedure. Bottom line, there isn't a difference, when you go to a denist to receive this procedure a dentist won't be performing this service. he only charges an inflated fee due to he/she being in the building when services are rendered. However, we are dental providers and have are qualified, reputable, knowledgeable dental providers of 19 yrs experience in dental assisting, orthodontic clinician, dental hygiene, financial/treatment/clinical coordinating and dental office management of some of the most successful dental private practices and dental corporations in TN and GA.
  14. We recommend viewing our website first as it should answer all your questions and should you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us via email or telephone during normal business hours.